Charley is a cab driver who’s wife is pregnant. On his way to the hospital, he picks up a fare who is a young gang member (Billy Joe) that just killed another gang member. Billy instructs Charley to drive far out of town to an abandoned factory next to a lake. Charley knows the factory is abandoned and that there are no other business or houses there and tells Billy Joe that he doesn’t want any trouble. Billy Joe responds, “Ain’t no trouble at all” and pulls a gun and shoots Charley. Billy then exits the cab and removes the scarf from Charleys neck and stuffs it into the gas tank and lights it on fire setting the cab ablaze. Billy Joe then gives the burning cab a kick and sends it down the hill into the lake. Charleys wife dies during childbirth and Darryl is born an orphan.


The story continues 25 years later where Darryl is a young CFO for Anasoft Corporation and is put in charge of managing the merger between Anasoft and McGregor industries.

During Darryl’s preparations for the merger, he discovers that he wasn’t given the file for one of the subsidiaries of McGregor Industries and brings this to the attention of his supervisors. His supervisors fear that Darryl has discovered their plan to commit stock fraud and terminate Darryl without warning or reason and further black list him so he cannot find work.


Darryl comes home to his condo to find an eviction notice for non payment of rent. Then while on the phone to an employment agency he sees his car being repossessed. He decides to sit down on the couch and watch a TV but the power gets turned off because of non-payment. Frustrated, he walks to a hotel bar and the bar tender tells Darryl that he has a friend that makes pretty good money driving a cab. Darryl replies, “I’m a CFO, not a cab driver”. The bartender replies, “Actually, right now you are an unemployed person with no car”… Darryl leaves the bar and flags a cab down and talks to the driver about what it’s like to drive a cab. The driver says, ”I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Here I have my freedom unlike you do in your cubicle prison.” Darryl decides to go to the cab depot the following day and signs up.


When Darryl informs his fiancé that he has taken a job as a cab driver, she replies, “I am not going to be married to a cab driver” and ends the relationship.


While driving the cab, Darryl encounters assorted characters including. Hookers, Strippers, Gangsters, Ghost, Cops, Cheating Spouses, Judges, Pedophiles, and the Greedy Corporate Executives who were responsible for his termination.


In the course of his fares, Darryl is sent to pick up people who are gang bangers and have a penchant for killing cab drivers and others. But before Darryl arrives, another cab appears and picks them up instead and drives them straight to hell in a burning cab. This ghost cab is actually Darryl’s father Charley protecting Darryl while he searches for the one that originally killed him.

With gang bangers disappearing, the police suspect that Darryl has something to do with their disappearances because it was his cab that was sent to pick them up. The police keep a watchful eye on Darryl trying to pin him to the crime but never can.


One of Darryl’s regular passengers is a young rich college student named ”Robin”, who is studying to be a CFO. Unbeknownst to Darryl, she is also a stripper by night. Darryl gets a call to make a pick up at a strip club and finds Robin being accosted by a customer. Darryl immediately jumps out of the cab and knocks the guy out with one punch. The stripper hops into Darryl’s cab and takes off her wig and Darryl recognizes her. Darryl says, “Well that’s one way to pay for college.” She replies, “I don’t do it for the money, I do it cause I like it.” Upon arriving at her mansion, she invites Darryl in to doctor the cut on his hand and the two hit it off.


Darryl and Robin discuss the stock fraud and have a chance to get the materials to prove it. They then use the knowledge to their benefit and Robin makes the plan backfire for the perpetrators by placing specific Put and Call options on the stock resulting in owning a majority share of the company. Robin, as majority share holder, then puts Darryl in charge as the new CEO.


Two-Five will be an R-Rated film with violence, language and brief nudity.

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