Script for “Mom”

It took me awhile to write this one.

There are 178 scenes but also a lot of “Montages” (consecutive scenes with no dialogue).

It is also longer than normal screenplays. The norm is 90 – 120 pages. “Mom” has 150 pages so this will have to be a 2 1/2 hour film if filmed in it’s entirety.

I know the folks at the Austin Film Festivals Screenwriters competition will probably frown because it is so long, but it just took that long to tell the story I wanted to tell.

If it ever gets produced, they will most definitely want to cut it down some.

Until then though, the full script is available here for download.

I also want to dedicate this script “In Loving Memory of my Mom, Lyda”.  I miss you Mom.

Mom Logo

Click here to download the script for

Mom Final PDF

Written by

David Shelton

Copyright 2013

  1. This screen play “Mom” moved me dramatically. I believe besides myself, there are lot’s of adult children out there who would gain a new perspective regarding time. The time we get with our mothers. How indeed we should cherish them. For as we all have heard, tomorrow is not Promised to anyone. There fore we should make every second count with the ones we love, especially the ones who brought us into this world. Good job babe…

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